Based off vectorized hand lettering I did while bored and stressing about moving. 
Thus an event was planned to bribe friends.
Event organized a recurring open studio practice time for fellow dancers in Denver.
Utilized display face "Broken Records 33" by Timo Kuilder.
60-minute composition thrown together at the last minute for a Friendsgiving dinner.
Composition utilized the Thanksgiving Art Pack by Lemonade Pixel.
Hosted a series of game nights for friends and acquaintances in Denver.
Icons derived from free vector resources available through Creative Cloud.
Created for a Halloween gathering with friends and acquaintances.
Created using free display fonts and distressed vector background resources.
Event cover photo I designed for my 9-week course teaching my hip hop/vintage jazz fusion choreography.
Based off free vector image resources and "Broken Records 33/45" by Timo Kuilder.
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