Development of a brand voice for System76 has drawn almost entirely on my own sense of humor: a combination of dry wit, well-timed pop culture references, hammy/awkward overconfidence, and a flair for the ridiculous. This is most apparent in our product launch & update announcements on social media. I always utilize our most recent product photography (usually the sales page hero image) and a quirky, coy, or casual pitch "in the product's own words."
The Silverback WS, both a desktop and a server
The Lemur, the smallest and lightest System76 laptop
The Sable all-in-one desktop
"Coy" and "casual" are occasionally offset by a tone of chic refinement.
The Leopard WS

Needless to say, I keep our brand voice soundly off the cuff, my contribution to the company's constant endeavor to not take itself too seriously. 

There's quite a bit of sass as well.
The Meerkat is very coy indeed. It has to be if it's going to make you look twice.
The day we launched the updated Bonobo was the day SpaceX successfully landed the Falcon 9. Given our close ties with STEM fields, it seemed appropriate to reference.
The Wild Dog
The Gazelle
The Kudu
(Firefly references are not only allowed, but encouraged.)
The Oryx Pro
Aforementioned "sass." Brought to you by the Ratel desktop.
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